Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv


Design a series of editable social media templates for Berlin-based maker/designer collective Berlin Kreativ KollektivThe Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a fast-growing non-profit support network for Berlin-based design. 

Project Details

Graphic design, brand design

Year: 2018

The deliverables included social media graphics and templates, and printed promotional material.

I created a variety of digital assets that worked across different platforms and could be easily edited by the social media team. The design was made up of different elements that were originally papercut shapes.

The gif above is an example of the design featuring a designer from the collective’s work in an Instagram Story.

The collage of paper shapes I created and based the concept on reflects the handmade work of the members of the collective. The design needed to be creative to represent all the makers and designers in the collective, but also appeal to a wider audience of potential collaborators and sponsors.

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