Charity at Home App


I created this design to enter into an AdobeXD Dribbble competition. I had four days to design an app related to my hometown. My hometown of Chichester has a lot of charity shops in it that I love, so I designed an app to enable users to find the best ways to support their local stores.

Project Details

UX & UI Design, Branding, Icon Illustration

Year: 2019

I created custom icons and illustrations for this project, with a playful and simple look and feel. The illustration on the splash screen is inspired by the cathedral in Chichester which is a main attraction of the city, and this would change depending on the iconic landmarks or features of the location settings in the app.

I created a simple wireframe that offered users three options: Donate, Shop, or Volunteer at their local charity shops. I wanted users to be able to browse their city or search for their favourite shop to see what opportunities to support were on offer there. 

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